Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February's Wrap Up...

"I got my shirt tonight.  I can quit now."

Oldest's team basketball shirt was ruined last year in an unfortunate event involving the dryer and a fountain pen.  Turns out, he was holding on just for the shirt.  They gave them out last night during Senior night, and now he's just riding out the week.  Two more games.  One pizza party. And then he's on to other things.

Like driver's Ed, which starts on Monday. Overall, he's doing well, but my nerves can only handle so much time in the passenger's seat. Having someone else teach him how to drive in the snow who has a conveniently placed emergency brake will be a welcome blessing.

Youngest's wrestling season has lasted forever due to blizzards, the super bowl, and icy roads.  His last JV tournament is tomorrow and then he's off to the training camp for Spring season. In the mean time, he'll be sporting his new 16th D1 Championships jacket along with all his other teammates.  The verdict is still out on if he'll receive his varsity letter or not, as the standard is set by the coach and no one seems to know the criteria this year.  Either way, with only one head injury, and 3 wins despite having no idea what he was doing, his season was a success.

He's also in the middle of a blacksmiths class that has proven to be very fun and interesting.  I'm a bit jealous, I must admit, and every time I'm in the forge I feel the need to hit things.  I refrain, of course, but if the 4th student "no shows" again this week, I'm thinking of making a campfire stick.

We've done okay snow fall wise this year, but multiple blizzards have made for a stressful work day.  I am lucky that the type of delivery I have is only mildly impacted by snow, but the lack of communication between management regarding our safety is mind boggling. It's amazing that no one ended up dead.

Tony and I spent Valentine's day doing nothing.  He went to Oldest's basketball game, I picked up Youngest from practice, and we had snacks for dinner.


That's true love.


  1. I spent Valentine's Day doing nothing too, Tim isn't into Valentine's Day he can't see the point.

  2. I made the mistake of going to Target Monday night to pick up things for the grand kids Valentine's from us. The racks were picked through and I had to go to another store. Learned my lesson for next year.

    Congrats to Eldest and Youngest on their achievements! Hard to believe Eldest is old enough to be getting his permit/license. To this day, and son is 27 soon to be 28, and started driving at 14-1/2 years old with his permit, I still am pumping the brake when I am riding along with him, LOL. It is good though that Eldest is learning how to drive in a place where it snows. He will be a pro at it!!


  3. We tumbled into a nearby Applebees and when the waiter asked if we were celebrating. I didn't know what he was talking about until after the food was served.

  4. I just sort of assumed we wouldn't be doing anything for Valentine's and did nothing. And then The Husband came home with a sweet card and a box of goodies. Oops! And to compound the guilt? I totally forgot that I usually get Man-Child something too. Double oops!

    Ah, Driver's Ed time...the time every mother dreads...good luck!

  5. They're getting older; & so are WE!!


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