Friday, May 22, 2020

Suddenly, The Calendar Is Full....

June 1 2019, Oldest's graduation:

Youngest:  "This is stupid.  It's hot.  It's boring. I'm not doing this for my graduation. Just mail me my diploma."
Me: "You will walk for you graduation.  A lot of people are coming from all over to see you walk.  It's tradition.  Don't be ridiculous."

June 2020:  Damn.  Well, here we are.  Well played kid.


I took down the school calendar the other day.  Seemed pointless to have it up, as none of the dates were relevant anymore.  I have hung that calendar on the back side of the cupboard door in the kitchen for 13 years.  It was the last one.

The other calendar that hangs by the microwave has hung there all but empty of activity.  Youngest puts his work schedule on it so I have a clue what's going on, but otherwise it has remained empty.  Until this week.

The school announced their plans for the Seniors, most of which is virtual and pre recorded. The wrestling banquet was very well done.  Youngest and I watched it together.  I teared up, he gave a casual smile of pride as he listened to his coach's kind words. It helped make his accomplishments real for him. I may have teared up a bit. I miss the wrestling family so much, and so does he.

Grades close in one week.  Youngest is still digging in, and I'm expecting at least one fail if not five for fourth quarter.  It's not a matter of access, time, or accommodations any more, but rather desire.  It's on him now, and if it bites him in the booty, so be it.  Overall, he'll still pass all his classes with at least a B for the year. And yet, even as I type this, the pit in my stomach rolls.  So hard for me to let this one go, but I have to.

Saturday he will swing by the church and pick up his goodie bag that the Boy Scout Troop made for all the Seniors.  He was the first to get his Eagle Cords for his graduation ceremony, the rest of the Eagle Scouts will get theirs in their goodie bags. They are red, white, and blue, with the Eagle Scout insignia on a metal charm that hangs by the tassel.  I think he's impressed that he will get to wear them. It was the first year they were approved tow ear during the school's ceremony.

Monday they will be issuing refunds for unused lunch money.  Next Wednesday he will turn in his books, and pick up the contents of his gym locker.  The athletic Dept was kind enough to cut everyone's lock off and bag everything up. The loss of the $10 lock is annoying but the book drop this year leads for more concern as it would be so easy for another student to swipe a *missing* book and claim it as their own.  And those suckers are pricey.

On Sunday the 31st, the Athletic Awards Banquet will be televised.  Honestly, I'm excited to watch from home in my jammies. Monday they are having a Virtual Class Day, again televised, that I can enjoy while eating popcorn in the living room.  It is also the deadline for virtual class registration at Youngest's college of choice.  Wednesday is the televised Academic Awards and Scholarship night.  Students who have been granted local scholarships will be notified by mail to watch.  Last year they awarded over 140K in scholarships. While I won't hold my breath, it would be helpful if Youngest got one, as it will help tremendously for the upcoming fall semester. The thousand dollar scholarship Oldest got last year went a long way.

I took Thursday off as it is cap and gown pick up day.  I suspect there will be some small fire I will need to put out via writing a check.  And if not, I can use the day to work on the car décor, because Saturday is graduation. Friday night they are airing the valedictorian, salutatorian, and guest speaker speeches.

Yup.  A drive up graduation.  It's going to be awesome.  Youngest gave me full reign of decorating the truck.  The family will pile in, including the dog.  We will drive downtown along with all the other early letters of the alphabet, drive up to the stage, he'll hop out, walk the stage, grab a *diploma* (the actual certificate will be mailed to avoid errors), snap a picture, and hop back in the truck.

No sunburn.  No waiting for 258 names to be read. No threat of random downpours. No squeezing your way in and out of the stadium gates with 2000 other sweaty people. No trying to find your kid afterwards in a sea of black and teal gowns. No having to park 20 minutes from the school because no one carpools anymore.  And no more squinting to see your kid's moment on the stage, as we'll be just 15 feet away. It's going to be epic.

Well played indeed, kid.  Well played. 


  1. I love most of this. :) Sorry that the experience has to be changed, but it's unique, just like your son's whole school career.

    1. Well, as I know you know, traditional has never been his thing. :) Now if he'd just get it together to finish his school year strong and clean his room.

  2. I love that they are pivoting to give him a semblance of the experience. I'm so very proud of him and his accomplishments - but I know you are even more proud. Coongrats!

  3. I actually teared up when I read about the drive up graduation. All of the activities aren't perfect but at least effort was put into some sort of closure for the students. I absolutely love that graduation because youngest got it right. It is boring until your name is called and your parents scream in delight.

    Yep let it go with the grades. This is a tough time for the young ones to be living through. I am not sure how I would have handled it all if it was my senior year.

    Hope he does get a scholarship but at least he is heading to college!

    Congrats to him and to you for a job well done. When son graduated from high school I told him I would do it all over again with his school years etc. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I bet you would do the same. The years just go by too fast!!!


  4. I guess he got lucky that a pandemic happened and everything changed

  5. Well, considering my son's traditional graduation was topped off by a torrential rainstorm and an honest-to-bob tornado, I like his better!


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