Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Week 48...

 I think it's fair to say that the lofty goals I had of blogging every week this year prooved to ambitious.  I had a good run, but it's best that I accept the failure and move forward for those of you who are still reading.

So let's see.... I've been swamped with the new route. Yes, it's holiday, and yes, more money comes with more work, I knew all of that.  What I didn't know is that the guy that fills in for my days off would be shipped over to Martha's Vineyard for the majority of the holiday season, leaving me to work nearly all of my days off.  Or that the project I started with the auxiliary route (while I was on the smaller route) would contiue on two months later, or that another carrier would despreately need help streamlining his route for the last month.  I also didn't realize the only memeber of management that knows how to properly pay me for all of this extra work is out on medical until mid December.  To date I'm owed aproximately 14 hours of over time. It is supposed to be fixed this paycheck but I don't have high hopes. It is the federal government after all. The hardest part if I'm being truthful, is entirely mental. I'm working much longer days and just not seeing any forward movement finacialy. Quite simply, as fast as it's coming in, it's going out.  I know there will be a tipping point when I can make some progress, but that hasn't happened as of yet, and it has left me feeling very frustrated and wondering if I made the right choice.  Which I know I did, I just don't feel it right now.

My trusty laptop's power cord stopped working, rendering me with yet another very expensive boat anchor to add to the pile. And while I could easily buy a new power cord, the mere fact that it was running so slow I felt like I was back on dail up, makes me think it's not even worth it.  Thankfully, I bought a new tablet for black Friday, to give as a gift to myself after Christmas the day before the cord crapped out. Oldest is home and has help sync the necessary things to it, but finding all my passwords and reloading all my personal websites has been kind of ridiculous. Things like even finding blogger so I could type up a post are now a half hour project. Lord knows if I'll even be able to access your stories or comments. But, I will say that this new tablet is a dream to run my crafty programs on, cutting down aggrivation and time considerably. So I'm still on track for all my Christmas crafts, regardless of the fact that I have no energy to do them.

Holiday shopping is nearly done.  The bathroom downstairs is done, and worth every penny.  As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures I'll share it with you all. 

And as soon as I figure out how to get spell check on this thing, I'll be able to craft a better post, hopefully with a bit more frequency.

Until then. :)


  1. I do hope you start to feel the value from all your extra work - and that you get some down time.

  2. They are running you ragged! I hope things settle down soon and you get your back pay. Nothing like a new device to test your patience--lol! Seems to take me longer the older I get. May the coming year go smoothly for you and yours. :)

  3. Hi, sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and yeah when we have a slow ass computer and the power cord dies we need to think what should we replace the cord or the damn computer, my laptop also runs so very slow at times like about 80 of the damn time which is so frustrating at times.

  4. GET spell check? I'd be happy if it would just let me be! I don't know how you manage half of what you do. I'd say hopefully things will slow, but knowing the time of year, I just wish you a deep breath and hoping you'll bob back up...

  5. I feel your frustration on the money coming in and going out at the exact same pace. Hopefully, that back pay comes in this check!

  6. So sorry Work has been overwhelming... it's happening a lot these days, short staffing and taking on extra duties for coverage. So, I hope 2024 brings you some additional help in that arena. As for ambitious Blogging, we have to Blog when it flows and when it doesn't, well, it's okay to be absent. I Blog regularly but don't Blog Read with regularity... since, I like Writing but am not an avid Reader... even if the Stories are good and the Visuals are stunning. So, sometimes I feel bad for going off the grid for connecting with other Bloggers I do follow, but don't Read as often as I should visit them and check in.


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