Saturday, July 24, 2021

Evil Eyes And Mushrooms...

 I'd like to say that things have been boring and uneventful here.

Oh, how I'd like to say that.

But the day after my last post we were back in the ER with the hubs for further investigation of his mystery illness. Turns out it was in fact pneumonia, but it was unresponsive to the original medication, so it had gotten worse, much worse.  While at the ER they noticed elevated cardiac enzymes as well so he's scheduled to have a follow up on that.  It took 4 days on another heavy duty antibiotic to get him headed in the right direction, but it was touch and go for a bit.

It has rained a ridiculous 21 of 24 days this month here. Some days are worse than others or course, but all the days have resulted in mushrooms, everywhere, bigger and weirder than ever...

Now if only we could keep the dog from sniffing them.  Thankfully she has no desire to eat them, so we can rule out mushrooms as the cause of her newest illness.  On Wednesday she had what appeared to be a seizure.  She was disoriented, shaking, and could not use her back legs.  It past in about a minute, and in about a hour she could walk again. I took her to the emergency vet, they checked her out and ran some bloodwork. She was sent home to be monitored since she appeared to have had nothing tangible wrong with her.  Today she had another episode, which upon reflection, looked more like a small stroke. So again, we were off to a different ER that had more specialists on staff.  And again, they had no idea what's wrong with her.  So we were sent home with meds, on the wait and see approach.  We have been given strict instructions to video the next one because without seeing it, there's not much more they can do, aside from running neurological tests to the tune of $3K.

Oldest is now dating the girl he met a few weeks ago.  She spent an extra weekend here, and he's spending an extra 5 days in California after we leave on vacation.  Ironically his happiness set off Youngest into a spiral, and he left the house. His "moving out" lasted a week.  He got nothing accomplished while gone, sleeping in his car for a few days, and then at a friend's, spiraling himself into a worse place, forgetting to take his meds and not completing any of his homework assignments for school.  Tonight he told me he opened the computer, got overwhelmed, and shut the computer down. So that's awesome, not only will he be taking the class again in the fall, he'll be paying for it again as well. On the plus side, I have channeled my frustration and stress into a T-shirt quilt for my niece. Did I mention I HATE quilting? It's every shirt from all her activities since she was 4... it's a surprise for her graduation next June, so no telling. Oh, and I broke my grandmother's sewing machine in the process and had to borrow my mother's spare, so there will be no more quilts made, like ever.

I did manage to get into an extra therapy session on Monday this past week.  My regular appointment is 2, but since I was being forced to work my day off, we moved it to 4.  Normally it would have been a challenge to make it there on time, but I managed to get out remarkably early so I took myself to lunch.  After lunch I  realized I had time to get my eyebrows threaded.  Seriously, it's been like 3 years since I've had them shaped.  So while I was there I noticed that they can now tint them as well. I have very blonde eyebrows, mixed now with a significant amount of gray, making them virtually invisible. So I figured why not, right? Except I forgot that I have a scar above my eye that makes my eyebrows uneven....

So for the next 3 weeks I need to give the evil eye to everyone so they balance out. This, friends, THIS is the reason I should not have free time and $30 extra dollars.


I feel a mental breakdown coming in 5...4....3...2....


  1. There is a supposedly Chinese curse 'may you live in interesting times'. It does sound as if someone hit you with a whammy. I hope your husband is better, and dog are better and that the chaos is subsiding...

  2. Are you sure the Dog hasn't eaten some Shroomes? So glad the Hubby is now on the mend, Pneumonia can be dicey! Sorry to hear the Youngest is in a downward spiral, no wonder you feel a Mental Breakdown coming! Loving that last Quilt, how Creative and Nostalgic! Making Quilts was too Mathematical for me.

    1. Positive. She won't even eat a cheerio off the floor, plus we watch her like a hawk.

  3. Oh, my. Such hard times. I hope everyone recovers from illnesses and stress. The quilt is lovely, though.


  4. Yeah, I'm kinda wondering whether doggie may have been sneak-eating too. Maybe even Hubby? JK I know we all want life to be a stage coach, with all the horses with bits in their mouths and hitched securely to the harness. Instead, we get a sled with hound dogs on leashes, each with a separate handle, facing a field full of bunnies and squirrels and all we can do is deal with which way the bunnies and squirrels are running... if we're lucky.

  5. That IS a lot on your plate! Sending good and healing vibes for all of y'all. Holy cow.

  6. You just can't seem to get a break between "disasters". No slowing down in stress for you, unfortunately! At least there is vacation to look forward to, right? I hope you guys can figure out what is going on with the dog. That would be scary to try to figure out for the amount of money they want for testing! Glad to see Oldest is enjoying dating that young lady but sorry Youngest is having trouble with it all and so much more. Calgon take me away sounds like a good motto for you these days!

    I am in awe of your cake making skills! You win with that cake you described!! Maybe you can quit your day job and design cakes :)


  7. I am not a baker nor can I decorate a cake, just saying
    I have no idea when I will next have a holiday


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