Monday, July 12, 2021

Just The Status Quo....

 I'm hiding away writing for a bit today. 

I have already been thoroughly drenched by the morning's rain while attempting to walk the dog and running a few errands before my doctor's appointments start later this afternoon. I say attempting because she was adamant that her Dad walk her this morning and I was literally dragging her down the street in protest at 630 am before finally caving and bringing her back, soaking wet, to his bedside. But mostly I'm hiding from my husband who has relapsed into another mysterious illness, for day one of his vacation, rendering him unable to help with his normal sidekick duties.

It appears that when you tell the whole world to wear a mask for a year and to stay inside whenever possible, that the minute you tell them they can resume a normal life, the germs do as well.  And when that announcement corresponds with pollen season, it will not go well.  Oldest ended up with a sinus infection, Youngest, walking pneumonia, and for myself and the husband, bronchitis.  My cough still persists, mostly due to post nasal goo. The husband's antibiotics didn't work, so he returned to the walk in clinic yesterday for a reevaluation.  They found a spot on his lung that they are treating as pneumonia even though they can't hear it, and are hoping it just goes away. Seriously... this is the medical advice one gets with GOOD insurance. *sigh*  So he's binge watching excessively loud TV shows making it impossible for me to concentrate, sleeping alone in the bed so I don't wake him up unnecessarily, and gasping for air when the coughing gets excessive. 

Oldest recently revamped his dating profile on Tinder, adding more humor and a few buzz words indicating he was not looking for a casual thing in the hopes that he could narrow his field a bit. Tings like not looking for anything serious, just a wife and two kids... and fluent in English, sarcasm, and superheroes. The next day he got a reply from someone, also not looking for anything  serious, just a husband and two dogs.  They have talked everyday.  She had changed her radius, as she was vacationing on the Vineyard, and had found his profile since we are within an hour of there. He went to visit her for the day and they hit it off.  Her Mom allowed her to change her flight out at the end of their month long vacation to include a small detour in Boston this upcoming weekend so I will get to meet her this weekend. As it turned out, she lives 30 minutes from where we are vacationing in August, and she's coming back in October to see her best friend in Boston who is attending school next door to Oldest's University. Currently she is headed for college in California, but being that her first choice had been Suffolk in Boston, if this continues through Christmas, I suspect we have not seen the last of her. Part of me wants him to proceed with caution, the pother part of me thinks this could be really good for him.  We'll see how it all pans out.

Youngest's lungs are clear, and a visit with his regular doctor has confirmed that his daily vomiting is in fact Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or CHS.  And because he won't quit smoking, he's now on another pill twice a day to limit the damage that regular vomiting does to the body in hopes that he will come to his stupid senses sooner rather than later.  He and the girl have finally split for good this time I think. He's stopped working in the ice cream place, which is good, but hasn't looked for another job, which is not good.  He continues to work for door dash, which brings in money but has no set routine which is what he needs. He continues to tell me he's doing his schoolwork, logging in on time, and completing most of his assignments. In September he will be in person, fulltime, for school which will provide some much needed routine and hopefully some new, drug free, faces. He's been all over the map lately between wanting to be part of the family and being a total jerk. He didn't come home again last night, calling me to let me know, so I could take my cough medicine to sleep soundly which was considerate, but then we found him sleeping in his car at the pond this morning, which was stupid. Some days it's easier to shake my head and walk away. I texted him to ensure he was alive, got a text right back, sent another to see if he was coming home soon, and got no response. It's been 2 hours. There's a huge part of me that wishes we lived where he could afford to be on his own. Or, that I could afford to buy a small investment property for him to rent from me. Our relationship would be much better the less I know. But until the market crashes or his frontal lobe develops, I guess we'll just keep playing the lottery. 

So, yeah.. currently hiding away in my bedroom attempting to block out the noise inside and outside my head today. I may take a stab and working on my niece's t-shirt quilt as the day progresses and the house fills with even more noise.  My work space is in the basement which is quiet, and I need quiet, especially as it's my one day off for the month, and at the rate I'm going I'll get nothing done unless it's behind a locked door and padded walls.




  1. Aaaargh. Make room to look after you please.

  2. Man, you all really run the gamut. Meanwhile I got to see a urologist b/c my PSA screen climbed significantly, next Monday. Fun, fun. I pray that spot is as meaningless as they think...

  3. Life is full of getting drenched and appointments

  4. Oh, my. No wonder you said you haven't been up for blogging. I hope Oldest's new young lady friend turns out to be someone you like. I don't understand what enjoyment someone can get out of something that leads to vomiting, such as Youngest and my son with his excessive drinking. Additionally, every time my son went through withdrawal he threw up and had terrible body aches. I hope your cough goes away soon.


  5. Wow, it's a LOT. Glad to hear the One Son has found someone who might end up being Special, I just Loved their Online Humorous Dating Exchange, I would find that very engaging too, no wonder they hit it off! As for the Other Son, been there, done that... I'm pretty sure mine are much Older than your Prodigal, so I wish I could tell you the Frontal Lobes develop after 30... but... sometimes... that development just takes however long it's gonna take I guess. *Le sigh* Sorry to hear everyone got sick, I got Bronchitis too this Year, took forever to get over it and haven't had it for several Years, so I did wonder if Isolating so much for so long and then getting back out there was the culprit or not? I still Mask Up, but not everyone is now and Pandemic protocol is falling by the wayside quickly and this is not nearly over yet, variants seem like Round {whatever Round it now is}... which won't be good I'm sure. Stay strong... pad the Walls if you have to.

  6. Sorry for the sicknesses! Hoping everyone is on the mend soon! I hear a lot of success with people who met through Tinder and other dating sites. Best of luck to Oldest in this relationship! I don't know what is worse, having a "wayward" child living with you and always wondering where they are at or not having them live with you and still wondering where they are at. I could never turn off my mind in either situation and always expected a call in the middle of the night from the morgue, jail, or the hospital. Let's hope Youngest can get his act together and keep his act together so very soon. Its draining waiting for them to do so.


  7. Oh wow - I'm so sorry that you've all been so sick! And I'm really hoping that the MinuteClinic people know what they are talking about!

    It makes sense that the germs are just waiting for us to drop all of our precautions. And I have to wonder if masks will be more prevalent during cold and flu season this year.

    It will be interesting to see how this budding relationship pans out.


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