Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Week Twelve...

 Are you nervous?


What if I bleed out on the table?

He did not in fact bleed out on the table. He did not even end up with a surgery, rather a procedure that will allow the prostate to shrink on its own that didn't even require full anesthesia. Currently he's home complaining about the bruising and his man cold. 

I am feeling much better, still slower than I'd like for recovery, but at least I feel like myself. I've been to the grocery store nearly every day, walking the dog, cleaning, and finishing up odds and ends before I go back to work in two weeks. 

Oldest came home this weekend so that we could go to the local casino to see Nick Offerman and celebrate Youngest's birthday. A good weekend was had exploring the outlet mall, indulging at Guy Fieri's, and throwing axes. The boys had a decent time together, as Oldest can see tiny bits of the old youngest coming back into the fold. He didn't realize that Youngest had gone nearly pot free, and now that we're through the detox period, he can see the changes.

Youngest has decided to give up nicotine smoking this week as well, so the mornings have been a bit bumpy.  He's offsetting the cravings with nicotine gum and so far he's doing well with it, using less than recommended.  He starts not one but two jobs this week. Not sure what his plan is with them, but work is key in getting him out of this house and where he wants to be. His hand is healing slowly, but he no longer needs the brace, and he can lift small amounts of weight with it.

Spring has sprung for the most part here.  My daffodils and tulips are well on their way of coming out of hibernation. We've had many 50–60-degree days, and while today is not one of them, I'll take the rain, as it helps slow things down a bit.

And with that, I'm off to the grocery store again....


  1. Oh, I get such a kick out of Nick Offerman! Sounds like things are going really well!! SOOO happy to hear that! Have a marvelous smooth week. :)

  2. This post is packed with encouraging news. How lovely.

  3. I am glad the procedure went well and you are feeling more like you

  4. I agree, this post is full of encouraging news!

  5. Wow, so glad to see things moving in a better direction. Glad to see youngest is after working, being busy will take the bite out of a lot of the crap he gave up.


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