Saturday, April 17, 2021

I've Been Shot...

 We are perpetually understaffed at work.  If you'd indulge me in some math, there are 30 routes in our office that need 2 days off per week. S0, 60 days per week need to be covered, half of them are Sunday which only needs about 15 people to cover.  So roughly we need 45 days covered a week.  We have 7 substitute carriers to cover them. If each of the subs worked 6 days a week, this would mean at best, 3 people would need to be in on overtime each week.  Currently we have one regular on vacation, and 2 more out with COVID. So, using basic math, this means we need, as an example, this week 21 of us to work our day off to cover everything. 

Twenty one of us, out of 30, more or less every week. And it has been like this for at least the last 6 months.

So, knowing I have 4 auto immunes and that my second COVID shot was coming up, I put in for a sick day afterwards.  It was denied. So I put it in as a vacation day and it was approved.  Not a big deal, but just a pain to backtrack and recode it after the fact. But, if you were management wouldn't you want to know ahead of the game that you were going to be short staffed?

Apparently, not.  Management is adamantly denying that there will be any people out sick afterward the second shot.  Despite that towns have had to close school from lack of teachers, or that we have actual federal policy to protect our jobs from this exact scenario. So when my shot got pushed up a day ahead of schedule, there was no pre-emptive coverage for my being out, as I was expected to be there.

I was not in fact, at work on Friday.  By Thursday night I had the basic overall yuck that everyone else gets, but by morning I was so dizzy I could barely stand up.  I also was having trouble breathing and swallowing because my chest was tight and my lymph nodes were swollen.  It also triggered my digestive auto immunes, leaving me in substantial pain most of the day. 

23 hours post shot I had 102 fever, chills, and could barely walk to the back door to let the dog out. With meds I was able to get it down to 101, and overnight my body was able to sweat it out, just short of changing clothes for a third time.  Gross.

Saturday was my original recovery day, so I am scheduled off already.  Which is good because now the other two auto immunes have left me extremely dehydrated and tired. Monday is my day off, and Tuesday I took a personal day to take my niece to see a college. Hubs is home today so he'll do the driving and light grocery shopping that needs to be done.

My point, if you're still here, is that I KNEW I would have an issue and management adamantly said I was wrong.  That I had no idea how I'd be feeling afterwards.

Okay *Karen* because I haven't lived in this body for 46 years or anything.  

I'll see you on Wednesday. 

Only 10 years, 6 months and 2 days until retirement...


  1. I'm sorry you reacted to the second shot. I was concerned that we might react given that I keep hearing about reactions. Luckily, the reactions skipped the both of us. But, you are vaxxed and we are vaxxed and that is good news.

  2. I had a bad reaction to both shots--worse the second one. I also have autoimmune issues and the shots set mine off so that I am still really tired and achy a month later. Which came as no surprise because I was still falling asleep all the time when I got my second shot after a month (moderna). I am still thrilled to be vaccinated and would do it again. Just waiting to get back to my own crappy normal--LOL! I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. They should have listened to you!

    1. They never do, because often I am a voice of reason, and that is not the way of the Federal Government.

      I have found that people often just don't understand auto immunes unless they have one or live with someone who does. Mine hit all in the same time frame but more or less individually so I could manage them. Currently I am properly hydrated and just trying to work on the connective tissue issues, ie: the joint pain and muscle cramping. Meanwhile, the car hasn't left the driveway since Thursday... But I did manage to get through half the short walk with the dog without too much issue.

  3. Sorry you had the reaction you did and sorry that the post office gave you such a runaround to try to be preventative and take the time off after the shot. My niece, a school teacher in the DC area, her district automatically scheduled teachers to have the day off after the shot both rounds which she appreciated.

    Why do you think the post office is so short staffed? They are always advertising for carriers and the like here.

    Our mail at work gets delivered to use by a contract courier service who picks up the mail from the post office, that is sorted already, and delivering it the state buildings. Even they are short staffed.

    Now at least you have a few days off to try to get back to your "normal" health with your auto immunes and hopefully feel better. That's a long time to retirement but it will be worth it when it comes, right?

    Hang in there!


  4. Your retirement had better be pretty damn good to make up for all of this working when not feeling well and the frustration of not having management listen to you.


  5. Not what we want to hear but it does happen and one this blogger liked hearing about.

  6. Hiss and spit. I am so sorry that you were hit (and hard) this way. I also have immune issues and am NOT looking forward to the second shot. I hope the impact on you is brief.

  7. So sorry to hear you had a rough post-jab reaction, but it is still far better than getting full blown COVID I'm sure. Having an Employer who is clueless and not very flexible is not helpful. Hoping you are feeling better soon and will have some Peace knowing that post-vaccine you will have that added protection to keep you out of the Morgue. I know for us, that lifted a great weight off. Be Well, stay Safe.

  8. Came here from Janie Junebug's comment section. Will be getting 2nd covid shot Monday. Hope it doesn't get me feeling too poorly. No problems with employer --retired in 2009. I prefer to think of it as being 12 years late to work. You have an excellent blog, Juli. Following on GFC.

  9. Janie - My retirement will be not having to drive a 40 year old truck in a blizzard. After leaving the PO, my hope is to be teaching craft classes part time at a craft store somewhere. :)

    Jo Ann - Glad to have made your day a bit brighter

    EC- I truly hope your experience is better than mine. I knew mine would be tough, for others it has been a breeze. Fingers crossed yours goes well.

    Bo- For sure. I don't want COVID. And it makes my family feel better to know at least from COVID I now have a far less chance of turning up in the morgue. I mean, who would cook the bacon???

    Geo - WELCOME! And thanks for becoming #10 on my new follower tab. I hope to keep you entertained. It's a bit of fluff, a bit of gut wrenching parenting (my Youngest) and sometimes just pictures. But it's all real and from my point of view. It's my legacy to all that loved me.

  10. I thought you'd want to spend your retirement visiting me and putting your crafty hands to work in my house. Geo is very nice.

  11. You make me feel ever so good about May 11th....


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